Alamo Drafthouse Now Offers An Amazing New Kids Menu

Yet another reason to be jealous of children.

If you’ve ever been to an Alamo Drafthouse, you know one of their mainstays is a menu filled with awesome food choices. But most of that has been geared for adults. While there’s always been choices for kids, they weren’t as exciting as a whopping burger or a deluxe salad.

But now Drafthouse has changed all that with a revamped kids menu that will make adults everywhere super jealous. Not only is the food new and improved, but the ordering style is as well. Kids can get some simple a la carte action, or they can choose a main item, a side, and a sweet for seven bucks, which is a pretty good deal.

Check out the details and some photos:

Just in time for family moviegoing this summer, the Alamo Drafthouse is pleased to announce the rollout of its innovative new kids menu. Food is an integral part of the Alamo Drafthouse, and this new menu seeks to elevate the theatrical experience for younger patrons, too, with delicious, healthful offerings - and plenty of fun indulgences, too.  
The menu debuts on June 7 at Alamo venues in Austin, TX (excluding Ritz); El Paso, TX, Houston, TX, Kalamazoo, MI, Kansas City, MO; Lubbock, TX, and Yonkers, NY; with more venues to follow later in the season.

"Going to the movies is a special treat, particularly for families," says Amy Averett, Alamo's Director of Family and Community Engagement. "We wanted our new kids menu to truly reflect that by offering fun, delicious foods that kids can't get every place else. At the same time, we wanted something that worked in the real world for parents. We're thrilled with the delicious results that strike a balance between the two."

Alamo opened its kitchen and worked directly with parents and kids to rethink the menu and its format entirely. Based on their feedback, the menu incorporates new flavorful and health-conscious options - entrees like Turkey Meatball Sliders and sides like Roasted Broccoli with Parmesan - along with plenty of fun and unusual treats for kids that families won't find any place else, like the new Blueberry Pancake and Cereal milkshakes, and the Caramel Apple Fizz Soda.

The menu also features small important changes to the way food is served to make the experience more fun and easy for kids and parents alike.  And, in addition to affordable a la carte items, the new menu features a fun and simple prix fixe option. For just $7, kids and parents can "choose their own adventure" by picking one main dish, one side, and one sweet from the list of fixed price options that can all be mixed and matched.

"This menu is a great balance of choice, nutrition and fun," says Michelle McCurdy, an Austin area mom who participated in the new menu process. "My four-year-old has declared that he will be ordering the entire menu on our next visit.

Also, check out this super cute video of kids tying it out!