Jamie Lee Curtis Cosplays The S*** Out Of WARCRAFT Premiere

The iconic star is a bigger nerd than you.

Duncan Jones’ Warcraft had its Hollywood premiere last night, and any news or word-of-mouth out of that premiere will until further notice be straight-up dwarfed by the following:

We had a blast @warcraftmovie @blizzard_fans The movie is spectacular! #forthehorde

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Yes, friends, Jamie Lee Curtis, who is not in any way affiliated with Warcraft, showed up to the film’s premiere cosplaying as an Orc Shaman. Her son Thomas Guest joined her as an Orc Warrior, and Ms. Curtis credited him with the costume idea, telling Entertainment Tonight: “The astonishing thing about being a parent is that your children bring things to you that you would never, ever, ever, ever know…and you hope that you bring a few things to them that are interesting.”

We’ve no doubt Ms. Curtis is 100% successful in that regard. What a delight she is. 

#itsnoteasybeinggreen #warcraftpremiere Orc shaman and Orc warrior @worldofwarcraftofficial @warcraftmovie

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