Sacha Baron Cohen Will Become A Superhero In MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN

Safe bet? This movie's going to be weird.

Hollywood's been trying to get a Mandrake The Magician movie off the ground for years, but it sounds like they've finally landed on a version they're willing to pull the trigger on: according to The Tracking Board, Sacha Baron Cohen will play the character for director Etan Cohen. 

Thus spake the Tracking Board:

Sacha Baron Cohen will star in Mandrake The Magician for Warner Bros. Get Hard writer-director Etan Cohen is set to direct the film, which is based on the popular character from the syndicated newspaper comic strip created by Lee Falk in 1934. The most recent drafts of the script come from David Peoples and Janet Peoples and Puss In Boots scribe Tom Wheeler.

The story centers around the adventures of Mandrake, the illusionist and escape artist with the power to hypnotize his foes. With his companion Lothar, he travels the globe solving mysteries and fighting evildoers – including his twin brother who uses his powers for evil instead than good. Sources say that the plan is to update the character for the 21st century, with Mandrake being recruited by the United States government for a secret mission.

For those not in the know, Mandrake The Magician (sometimes referred to as "America's first supehero") is sort of an all-powerful character. His primary move involves hypnotizing his enemies with strange and/or frightening illusions, but he's also capable of levitation, shape-shifting, and turning himself invisible. Mandrake's tackled a wide range of villains over the years - everything from gangsters to aliens to extra-dimensional beings - so it'll be interesting to see what kind of threat he'll be going up against in a modern update. I'm guessing Republicans.

This project's changed hands a number of times over the years, but considering the creative team involved in this iteration, I think it's safe to assume that this will be a decidedly comic take on the character (I'm picturing an even weirder, much funnier Dr. Strange). 

What do you guys think? Into this, or not so much?