Sounds Like GAME OF THRONES’ Sixth Season Is Going Out With A Bang

An extra-long season finale, a sprawling battle, and the Winds Of Winter are on their way.

Who wants Game Of Thrones news? You do! 

Good thing, then, that there's plenty of Game Of Thrones updates to go around today. For starters, Game Of Thrones fan community Watchers On The Wall has confirmed the remaining Season 6 episode titles (which leaked last month). They are:

  • No One (June 12th)
  • Battle Of The Bastards (June 19th)
  • The Winds Of Winter (June 26th)

That Battle Of The Bastards indicates that Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton's forces will finally do battle, while The Winds Of Winter is (obviously) a nod to George RR Martin's still-unpublished novel of the same name. Cheeky move, Game Of Thrones.

Meanwhile, over at Entertainment Weekly, they've confirmed that The Winds Of Winter will be a super-sized episode, weighing in at a 69-minute run time. Nice. I'm told this is the longest episode in Game Of Thrones history, which I suppose is something worth being excited about for fans of the series. I mean, it's more Thrones, right? 

No One airs this Sunday, with the remaining two episodes airing on subsequent Sundays (that's how television programming works). While you're waiting on it to arrive, I suggest revisiting last week's "Next Week On" promo, which I've helpfully embedded for you below.