BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Will Hit Theaters For One Night Only

The first R-rated BATMAN movie is coming to a cineplex near you.

We found out about Sam Liu's animated take on Batman: The Killing Joke a long, long time ago. First we heard it was happening, then we heard it would be R-rated, and then we heard it'd be arriving on Blu-ray this August. In short, we have been given ample time to prepare for the hot takes. 

But now there's a new twist: for one night only, Batman: The Killing Joke will screen in select theaters. The screenings will occur on Monday, July 25th, with all tickets going on sale next Thursday via this Fathom Events page (there'll be two screenings on the night: one at 730PM and another at 10PM).

Oh, and Slashfilm says the screenings come with an added bonus:

To sweeten the deal, Mark Hamill, once again voicing the Joker, will provide a video introduction, in addition to showing a documentary about how he got cast as Batman’s iconic villain.

Huh. That's kind of cool. It's certainly an embarrassment of riches for Joker fans: an R-rated Batman movie, introduced by Mark Hamill, accompanied by a documentary detailing Hamill's iconic portrayal of the Joker? Hot damn! How does a Batbro pass that up? I assume a Batbro does not, which is why all Batbros should be on high alert next Thursday. These tickets are probably gonna go quick.

How about you guys? Ya'll going or what?