Every KEY AND PEELE Sketch Is Now Online (Along With 176 Previously-Unavailable Ones)

Here's how you're wasting the rest of your afternoon.

Comedy Central's just done something amazing: 

Every Key And Peele sketch is now online, for free, all collected (and even categorized!) in one place. Also, they went ahead and threw in 176 sketches that were previously unavailable online, just 'cuz.

And that's not all! Take it away, Flavorwire:

The site has a helpful “Collections” tab that separates the sketches by category: “In the End Zone” packages all the duo’s football spoofs; “Drop the Beat” collects rap-inspired skits; “The Halls of Power” features political bits, and so on. There’s also a collection of GIFs and memes for all to scatter across their social media platforms.

If that weren’t cool enough, Comedy Central has also set up URLs corresponding to some of K&P‘s most memorable sketches: typing in liamneesons.com,obamaandluther.com,Isaidbiiiiiiiiiitch.com, meeganandandre.com, insubordinateandchurlish.com, or holygarbanzobeans.com will also take you to K&P‘s dedicated site.

Can we take a moment to appreciate how incredible all this is? 

EDIT: It's been pointed out to us that these sketches aren't previously unseen, so much as they are new to being online. So, "previously unavailable" is the correct terminology here. Total misread on my part. Sorry about that, folks. Still, though...pretty awesome.

Speaking of Key And Peele and not spending one's money wisely: not enough of you saw Keanu. Really disappointed, guys.

But anyway, head on over to this page to relive some of the magic. And check Keanu out when it hits Blu-ray, for god's sake.