Jimmy Kimmel Unites The GHOSTBUSTERS, Old And New

Plus: the new Ghostbusters address the fedoralords.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel brought together the '84 Ghostbusters and the '16 Ghostbusters. He brought them out onstage, sat them down, and - suddenly, almost as if by magic - a group of men and a group of women were having a pleasant little conversation together. They said nice things to one another, they paid one another compliments. You kept waiting for it to happen, but at absolutely no point did anyone Tweet a death threat to anyone else! It was crazy! 

I know. If I hadn't seen the video, I probably wouldn't believe it myself. But look:

Of course they also interviewed these groups separately. In the clip below, the '84 Ghostbusters are confronted by their greatest nemesis: the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

And in this next clip, the '16 Ghostbusters are confronted with a question about their greatest nemesis: shrieking man-babies who absolutely refuse to go quietly into the Feminazi night. 

Eventually, all the Ghostbusters - some with penises, some with unspeakably terrifying vaginas - united on the stage to watch Ray Parker Jr. perform the franchise's signature song. Good times were had by all, especially Murray, who got really into the dancing and legit seemed to be enjoying himself. I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel Live (or any late night show, really), but I imagine this was a particularly good episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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