New STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Photo Reveals Rocks, Lights And Some Dude’s Robe

That's a familiar-looking cape.

While some people are slaving away at their day jobs, Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson has apparently decided to spend his afternoon flagrantly ignoring his many responsibilities in favor of effing around on Tumblr. Tsk tsk.

Here's the photo Johnson just uploaded to his Tumblr page, when he could've been answering our emails about the identity of Noah Segan's Episode VIII character.

The photo was accompanied by the caption "In the home stretch". As you can see, we have some rocks (cutting insight: I'm thinking that's a set), some lighting equipment (hot scoop: Star Wars: Episode VIII may be properly lit), plus some guy's robe. No way of telling what sort of robe it is - could be a bathrobe, could be leisure wear, could be Jedi attire - but whoever owns that thing probably has a visit to the dry cleaner in their future. Yeesh.

On a related note: when do you think we'll find out the title of this thing? I'm ready to be calling it something other than Episode VIII

Pitch your best Episode VIII title in the comments below. And please let us know if you know what Noah Segan is doing in this movie. It's driving us nuts.