Adam McKay To Go Heavy Again, This Time With Jennifer Lawrence

The director picks his BIG SHORT followup.

Adam McKay is a guy with strong political beliefs, which he utilized to great effect with last year’s fun but also quite angry The Big Short. It looks like he’s going to stay in that mode for a while.

According to Variety, McKay will next tackle the story of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of health tech company Theranos, a company that was worth billions last week and now might not be worth the cost of a Snicker’s bar due to that pervasive monster - shenanigans.

Holmes will be played by Jennifer Lawrence, who will also produce. On the outset, this looks like a role that shares a lot of similarities with her character in Joy, but with McKay in the director’s chair, it’s doubtful further similarities will be pervasive.

This packaged deal does not have a studio yet. They start shopping it around next week and probably won’t have any trouble selling the thing for a billion dollars.