Humanity Has Angered God, MALLRATS 2 Is Now A Ten-Episode TV Series

This post includes a bonus Magic Eye puzzle!

And now this is happening.

Yes, Mallrats 2 - which has long been threatened as a feature film - is now a ten-episode television series. One can't help but be reminded of Hit Somebody, which began life as a movie, before becoming two movies, which then became a miniseries that didn't happen.  

Will the same fate befall Mallrats 2? Which network will host this series? Why return to the View Askewniverse at all, given the runaway success of the Great North trilogy? Will this interfere with that Buckaroo Banzai TV series that also probably isn't going to happen? So many questions, so precious few answers. 

We'll keep you informed as updates arrived. While you wait, please enjoy this Magic Eye puzzle.