Engage With The New Official STAR TREK Podcast

Hosted by our pal Jordan Hoffman!

Somehow Star Trek didn't have an official podcast. You'd think they would have had something by now, but nope. But the good folks behind Trek are finally boldly going into the podcast realm and they've debuted Engage, the official Star Trek podcast. This would be interesting, but what makes it great - and newsworthy, I think - is that Jordan Hoffman is hosting it for them. 

Jordan isn't just a friend of mine, he's a friend of the site, and has published stuff with us and in the magazine. But more than that, Jordan is like THE Star Trek fan. He's passionate, knowledgeable and, most of all, he has the kindness and inclusiveness that defines Trek fans at their best. His show is dedicated not just to people who have always loved Trek but is also aimed at the newbies, people who have discovered it through the reboot films or will be discovering it through the upcoming CBS All Access series. 

The show starts officially soon with guests Weird Al Yankovic and Adam Nimoy, but Engage has posted a preview episode where Jordan talks with EW's Darren Franich. I think this episode is important in setting the tone of the show - this won't be just a wank fest about Trek. Both Jordan and Darren (who is not the regular co-host) have their criticisms, have episodes and movies they dislike. That's key: true fandom isn't unwavering devotion to a thing, but rather an intelligent engagement with it. 

I can't think of a better person to host this show than Jordan. I'm so proud of my friend, and I hope that you subscribe to Engage and let your Trek flag fly.

Check out the zero episode below, and subscribe to Engage through iTunes or at Play.it/StarTrek.