Here’s The Trailer For INSIDE, The Next Game From The Makers Of LIMBO

This can't get here soon enough.

Over the last few years, I've spoken with a number of people who - despite the relatively steep buy-in, and despite the truly terrible culture surrounding the medium - decided they wanted to get into gaming.

It's always the same story: someone sees a particularly impressive game trailer, they get a wild hair up their ass, and they go out and purchase a PS4 (or, less frequently, an XBOX One). Then they come knocking on my door to find out what they oughtta be doing with their brand-new piece of $350 hardware. They ask, "What should I play first?"

In those moments, I hit them with a list of titles, and though that list might change based on whatever mood I'm in, there's one title that makes the cut every time: Playdead's Limbo, which is one of the greatest, strangest, most frightening games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. I'll recommend it to anyone who'll listen. I have yet to encounter a disappointed customer. 

So this is the trailer for Playdead's Inside, their first game since 2010's Limbo. It's not a sequel to that instant classic, but all signs point to Inside being of a piece with that game. It's a creepy, side-scrolling puzzler, in other words, and fans of Limbo have been waiting a very long time for it to arrive.

Today, at E3, we finally found out when we're gonna get to play it: June 29th (if you're on the XBOX One), and July 7th (if you're playing on PC). If you're on a PS4, you're shit outta luck for the time being (no joke: if this doesn't come to PS4, it might just be enough for me to throw down for an XBOX One...that's how great Limbo was). 

I love this trailer, but I don't think I'll watch or read anything about Inside until I've had a chance to play it. Limbo definitely benefited from a sense of surprise (there's a scare early in the game which spoke so specifically to my greatest phobia that I straight-up turned the game off for several days when I encountered it), and I'm willing to bet the same's true here.

You guys as excited about this as I am?