James Wan’s MALIGNANT MAN Adaptation Finds A Director

It's the guy who directed SAN ANDREAS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is moving forward with an adaptation of James Wan's Malignant Man comic series. They've even got a director lined up!

San Andreas helmer Brad Peyton has come aboard to direct Malignant Man, a sci-fi action project being produced by James Wan, who is coming off the strong opening of his horror sequel The Conjuring 2...

The story focuses on Alex Gates, a patient dying of a terminal disease who is resigned to his fate … until he discovers that his malignant tumor is actually a mysterious alien parasite. Now with some incredible powers and a renewed purpose, Gates is tasked with fighting a secret army lurking behind the veils of society while also peeling back his own secrets.

This sounds decent, and if they're bringing Peyton onboard, I assume they're hoping to bring a certain amount of spectacle to Malignant Man. The comic comes from the same publisher (Boom! Studios) which released Irredeemable, which is currently being developed by Adam McKay, and...well, this is normally where I'd weigh in on whether or not I think Malignant Man would make for a good movie, but I honestly haven't read it. So I've got no idea!

But I'm sure some of you have given it a peek. What did you think? Is Malignant Man deserving of the big screen treatment? And how about Peyton - is he a good fit for this gig? Sound off in the comments below.