The Canon Episode 81: ED WOOD Live With Jonah Ray!

Tim Burton's ode to schlock is up for Canonization.

This week's Canon comes alive as Amy and I headed down to UCB Sunset to record before a captive (and honestly really wonderful) audience. Coming along for the ride was Jonah Ray Rodrigues, future host of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and current host of Hidden America on Seeso (click here to subscribe!). He nominated Ed Wood, Tim Burton's ode to the infamous schlockmeister, which ends up being an ode to the power of creativity and the loving embrace of friends. 

I love the live episodes because I love getting to hear from the audience in the moment. It was really fun, and if you were one of the folks who bravely came to the mic: thanks!

As always go to the Earwolf forum to make your voice heard. 

Next week: in honor of this election we will be tackling They Live