BEN-HUR Trailer And Featurette Show Off The Film’s Big Chariot Race

Wow, this movie has a real uphill battle ahead of it.

Poor Jack Huston. His version of The Crow seemed cursed from the get-go. And now his other big movie, Ben-Hur, has a new trailer focused on the film’s religious aspects that feels antithetical to anything modern movie-going audiences would want to see:

So many bad touches going on there, from the music to the lame CG ship stuff; this just looks silly from top to bottom.

What’s remarkable about that, however, is how much effort went into making the movie look cool. The following behind the scenes featurette goes great lengths to garner likability by focusing on how much of the film’s big chariot race is practical effects:

While endearing, I just don’t think it matters enough to make this movie look good. I appreciate how hardcore they’re going with the religious angle (which could net some of that sweet Christian change), but I can’t help but think this looks ridiculous.