New SPIDER-MAN PS4 Game Looks Insane

Also, goofiest Spider-Man costume ever.

Whenever E3 happens, we always get a ton of new gameplay videos to wow people into upgrading their video game consoles. This year, the game that might have the best luck doing that is this crazy-looking new Spider-Man thing:

When I call that crazy looking, I’m not just talking about how much fun that looks but also how extremely ugly Spider-Man’s costume is. I’m not sure if they wanted him to appear more patriotic or what, but making his spider emblem white leads to a very weird and jarring outfit that I’m having a hard time getting over.

But other than that, the game looks tops. Even in his worst games, it’s always kind of fun to swing around video game world with Spider-Man’s powers. I can’t wait to see what it’s like in this one.