Tons Of New ASSASSIN’S CREED Footage Revealed In E3 Behind The Scenes Clip

Everyone tries hard to make their video game movie sound legit.

I just don’t know about this upcoming Assassin’s Creed adaptation. On one hand, I appreciate that a lot of truly gifted people are lending their talents to such a Hollywood popcorn movie. On the other hand, I’m puzzled by their decision to set most of the movie away from the actual Assassin’s Creed stuff fans would want to see. It’s a project that could be its own, excellent thing or a total disaster.

But it certainly has a nice look to it! And you can see a lot more of that in this behind the scenes video presented at E3. It’s almost like a whole new trailer:

Assassin’s Creed comes out December 21, so we have a ways to go before we can find out if this is going to be the first truly great video game adaptation or not. I have a feeling it might end up being a decent movie that really pisses off fans of the game.