Yep! Donald Glover Will Be In SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING

Guess who he’s playing! No really, you’re going to have to guess.

Once upon a time, Sony wanted to reboot their Spider-Man franchise. It felt a bit early for such a thing, but one golden ray of sunshine surrounding the project was a cool grassroots campaign to get then-Community star Donald Glover hired as Spider-Man, specifically the Miles Morales version from Ultimate Spider-Man.

Sadly, that did not pan out, and we got the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies instead. If you’d like to know how well that went, I have to assume you didn’t go see Civil War. Or either of those Garfield movies.

One would assume Glover’s dream of joining a Spider-Man film soon ended, but that’s not how dreams work. They come true. All of them. For instance, The Hollywood Reporter now claims Donald Glover has joined the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. See? He’s not playing Spider-Man, but that’s still pretty good.

Of course, Glover’s role is currently unknown. I’m betting on him being one of Parker’s hip young high school teachers, but what I’d like most is for him to also be Aunt May’s hip, young boyfriend. She deserves it!

The point is, never stop following your dreams. Stick with them long enough, and you may one day get to settle for a watered down version of what you originally wanted.