FALLOUT 4’s NUKA WORLD DLC Will Make A Raider Out Of You

Become the gunslinging, mohawked Jet addict you always wanted to be.

As was the case last year, video game behemoth Bethesda Softworks held its very own E3 over the weekend, and - as was also the case last year - a good chunk of their presentation revolved around Fallout 4. Namely: the forthcoming arrival of player mods to the PlayStation Network (they're already on XBOX One) and the next round of DLC packs. 

The player mod thing definitely has my curiosity, and a few of the DLC packs seem like they'll be lots of fun for the players who dug deep into Fallout 4's crafting system. But what about us simple folk, the story and exploration addicts? Did Bethesda have anything we could get all hysterical about?

As it turns out, they did. 

Fallout? In an amusement park? Holy shit, yes. YES. And it'll be out later this year? You're sure?

Without knowing anything else, Nuka-World was almost too good to be true. But now we've got some information on the DLC (thanks to the eagle-eyed folks at Kotaku, who noticed details about the pack in the add-on's Steam listing). Here's the news:

Take a trip to Nuka-World, a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone.

Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures, and more. Enjoy the ride!

Yes, Nuka World will allow players to lead a Raider faction (does that mean all the Raider stuff will be kept inside Nuka-World itself? Or will that faction spill over into Fallout 4, proper?), while offering up even more explorable areas (open wasteland and the park itself, which sounds like it's been divvied up, Disney World-style), weapons, and enemies. The DLC will set us back about $20, but unless this thing is cartoonishly small, that seems reasonable to me.

Stay tuned for further updates on Nuka-World as they come in. I'm excited about this one.