MGM Gets Rights To J. Michael Straczynski’s RISING STARS

This could be great.

Everybody wants to have a superhero franchise these days. According to Deadline, MGM has just optioned J. Michael Straczynski’s limited series comic book Rising Stars

Whether they want to turn the property, which ran 24 issues, into one movie or a string of movies remains to be seen. Whatever they’re doing first will be scripted by Staczynski himself, however. It sort of sounds like their just planning one movie, but that’s a lot of story for two hours.

Rising Stars is about a bunch of kids who are in the womb when a meteor hits their town. For comic book reasons this gives them all very different superpowers - some awesome, some kind of lame. It turns out that whenever one of them dies, their power gets distributed to the remaining survivors, so of course that leads to some murder problems among them.

The comic book is very good, but also quite dark, almost mean at times and not something that lends itself easily to a PG-13 rating. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of movie we’re getting here as Rising Stars develops.