New ALIEN: COVENANT Photo Reveals A Brand-New Look For Michael Fassbender

How David got his body back.

If you're a fan of the franchise, I'd really recommend following the Alien Anthology Twitter handle. Whichever 20th Century Fox intern is running that thing offers a pretty good mix of silly Alien-related ephemera, classic Alien archive photos, and - last, but certainly not least - all new looks at Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant

Case in point:

If we're to take this photo at face value, this is Ridley Scott directing a scene featuring Michael Fassbender (and other Alien: Covenant cast members). As you can see, Fassbender's David looks quite different from when we last saw him, in the final moments of 2012's Prometheus. For one thing, he's replaced his wavy blonde locks with a close-cut brunette look. For another, his decapitated head has been re-attached to a body. Score.

This isn't surprising - of course they weren't going to bring Fassbender back just to play a disembodied head - but it's something. And if you're as excited about this movie as I am (hello, I have fully embraced my status as a Prometheus apologist), that's more than enough.

Think we'll get the first teaser at next month's San Diego Comic-Con? I think there's a good chance. Can't wait to see it.