People Still Think THE CROW Remake Might Get Made

Fake it ‘till you make it.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to explaining the long, rocky road The Crow remake has been on for the last few years. I don’t really believe in God or fate, but if I did, I’d think both have had their say on the matter. We just aren’t supposed to have a remake of The Crow.

And yet here it is again. In a Deadline article about how The Crow’s most recently attached director, Corin Hardy, just landed a job directing a horror action film called Hell Bent, a little Crow news pops up:

“There might be a thaw regarding Hardy’s exit from the The Crow remake that precipitated a legal joust between producer Ed Pressman and Relativity. It is possible that Hardy might re-emerge on that film after all, but there are obstacles still to be overcome and it is possible another studio could come into the mix as an active partner.”

This would seem to indicate that people out there still want this movie to happen and are willing to put effort into making that dream come true. If this movie ever does come out, even if it’s the worst movie ever made, I propose we elevate all those involved to hero status for they will have defeated God, fate and common sense just with the sheer force of their own stubborn gumption. That’s admirable.