THE CONJURING Franchise Is Getting Another Spin-Off

Are you ready for THE NUN?

James Wan's The Conjuring 2 dominated at the box office this past weekend (and did fairly well with critics!), so it was probably inevitable that this week would bring news of either a Conjuring 3 or a Conjuring 2 spin-off. With James Wan heavily preoccupied with Aquaman, it appears that New Line has opted for the latter.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

New Line is developing a bad habit. Fresh off the success of The Conjuring 2, the film company is spinning off the villain of the supernatural thriller, the demonic nun, into her own movie.

David Leslie Johnson, who co-wrote Conjuring 2, has been hired to pen what is being titled The Nun. James Wan, who directed the Conjuring movies, and Peter Safran, who produced them, are reuniting to produce the spinoff.

Interestingly enough, THR notes that the Nun character wasn't even in the original cut of the film ("she didn’t exist until about three months before Conjuring 2 opened as she was only added during last-minute reshoots"), which raises a number of questions about what the first cut of The Conjuring 2 was like. Was the old dead guy the central antagonist? The Crooked Man? What about that whole sequence at the beginning, in the Amityville house? How drastic was the reconfiguring on that sequence?

Anyway, this is essentially the same thing that happened after The Conjuring: money was made, the Movie Gods demanded a sequel, James Wan wasn't immediately available, so they slapped together a spin-off for Annabelle (the smug-looking ghost doll who appeared in the first Conjuring). That movie didn't turn out so hot, maybe, but it did make quite a boatload of money ($257M worldwide on a $6.5M budget), so...again, all of this was inevitable. 

Will The Nun be any good? No idea! But, hey, it's something to tide us over until The Conjuring 3