Yes There’s A HARD TARGET 2, And Yes It Looks Awesome

Oh, and yes it stars Scott Adkins.

Of course I understand that we all know and love the original Hard Target for reasons that have little to do with the plot. Jean-Claude Van Damme has a cool mullet in it. It was John Woo’s first American film. There’s an unrated cut that kicks ass all over the place.

But at its core, Hard Target is another in a long line of movies about rich dudes who hunt unwilling human game, one of my favorite tropes ever. So to make a sequel, you don’t really need JCVD or John Woo. You just need a guy who gets hunted for a bit and then fights back. In other words, you need Scott Adkins:

Yep! There’s a Hard Target 2 that stars Scott Adkins, and I don’t care what you say - I think it looks great and will see it just as soon as I can, which from what I can tell will be September 6. I hope to see you all there. I just don't have it in me to refuse stuff like this. The only downside is Adkins' lack of a New Orleans accent, but we can't have everything.