Check Out First, Extremely Cheesy Images From AMERICAN GODS

“Now make it look like you’re punching him!”

Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is in full swing right now, and to prove it, EW has a couple images to show off:

So what we have here is Ricky Whittle’s Shadow fighting a drunken leprechaun in a crocodile bar while Ian McShane’s Mr. Wednesday watches with a brew. The fighting action looks totally natural and not at all staged.

The EW article also has a lot of good lines from Fuller about how well the show’s going and how much pizazz the actors are bringing to their roles and all that. American Gods is airing on Starz, so it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever get a chance to see it. If it ends up being as goofy as these photos, that might be kind of a shame.