See Marilyn Manson Play A Hitman In The LET ME MAKE YOU A MARTYR Trailer

Yeah, I dunno, guys.

So here's the first trailer for John Swab's Let Me Make You A Martyr, which premieres at next month's Fantastia Film Festival. It stars Mark Boone Junior (Sons Of Anarchy), Niko Nicotera (The Purge: Anarchy), and a young up-and-comer by the name of Marilyn Manson, as a hitman named Pope.

Let's take a look.

I submit to you that this is not a good trailer. It is, in fact, a bad trailer. The film itself - which, according to IndieWire, tells the story of "an abusive father, drug dealer, and pimp who hires hit man to kill his rebellious adopted son and his lover and adopted sister" - may yet turn out to be a complete blast. For all we know, it'll dominate top ten lists at the end of the year. But for now: that's just a bad trailer. No way around it.

Interesting to see Manson (who had a recurring role on FX's Sons Of Anarchy) popping up in more acting roles, though, isn't it? I'll always have a soft spot for that dude (Antichrist Superstar was on heavy rotation during my high school years), and I'm glad to see him out and about, doing something productive. He's like a slightly-embarrassing uncle you want good things for, but never bother calling.

Anyway, Let Me Make You A Martyr hits the Fantasia Film Festival next month (Manson's gonna be there! Tell him I said "Way to go, Marilyn Manson!"). No idea where the film's headed after that, but we'll keep you informed as updates arrive.