TEEN WOLF’s Tyler Hoechlin Will Be Superman In SUPERGIRL

Also known as "EVERYBODY WANTS SOME's Tyler Hoechlin," but I wanted to use a shirtless header.

Tyler Hoechlin is a very handsome werewolf on MTV's Teen Wolf, so I have heard of him. He's also McReynolds in Richard Linklater's Everybody Wants Some!!, so many of you have heard of him. He will soon be Boyce Fox in the Fifty Shades sequels, so our moms are going to hear of him.

And today it was announced that he's been cast as Supergirl's Superman, so that should take care of any remaining quadrants of the pop culture-consuming audience. Congrats, Tyler Hoechlin! You're a STAR. 

Of the casting, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, "Greg and I have wanted to work with Tyler for ages, so this worked out perfectly because Tyler is Superman. We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the legacy of this iconic character."

It's always exciting when a new actor is announced as Superman, and Hoechlin is a strong choice*. As previously announced, Superman will make an appearance in the first few episodes of Supergirl's second season, now airing on The CW come fall. 

*here's where I say that Tom Welling would be a stronger choice and you guys all vehemently disagree with me in the comments. It's our little custom!