This International Poster For JASON BOURNE Is Not Fantastic

You win some, you lose some.

Scott just posted a beautiful Taiwanese poster for Ghostbusters that might have you thinking, “Hey! Maybe international posters are just inherently better than regular old domestic ones.” I understand that urge, however, here comes hero Jason Bourne to keep things in check:

That’s not exactly an ugly poster. I mean, it kind of is, but its main crimes have more to do with being bland and lifeless. Maybe it’s hard to sell Jason Bourne in poster form. I think the most well-known Bourne posters feature a shot of him running (or at least at a nice trot). For this new movie, they’re focusing more on him standing still with a gun. It’s not as cool. Get this guy some sneakers.

In any case, the film is still coming out and still very likely to be another great addition to this already classic series. I can’t wait to see it, boring poster or no.