Bradley Cooper Will Direct Lady Gaga In A STAR IS BORN

No, seriously!

Here's a sentence that sounds like it was created via Mad Libs: Bradley Cooper will direct and co-star with Lady Gaga in a new version of A Star Is Born

Yeah, sure. Okay. 

According to The Playlist, Warner Bros. is very excited about the project, and particularly excited about the chemistry between Gaga and Cooper. As you may or may not know, the studio's been keen to remake A Star Is Born for years, but - despite running through a litany of names - never quite found the right pair to headline the project. Word on the street is, Gaga and Cooper are generating the requisite number of sparks. 

Yeah, sure. Okay.

Having never seen any version of A Star Is Born, I'm really not in a position to weigh in on this news. I'm completely indifferent to the entire thing. 

But, hey, maybe you feel strongly about it (one way or another). If so, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below. Everyone else is free to get back to what they were doing.