Eli Roth Will Direct Bruce Willis In The DEATH WISH Remake

This post is wall-to-wall good news.

Just last month, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado (last seen knocking it out of the park with 2013's Big Bad Wolves) abruptly stepped down from MGM/Paramount's long-gestating Death Wish remake, citing irreconcilable creative differences. We were bummed to hear this, as it sounded like Keshales and Papushado had an interesting take on the property (one that might've been particularly interesting as performed by Bruce Willis), but whatcanyado? These things happen.

Well, according to Deadline, now this is happening: 

Eli Roth is set to direct Death Wish, the MGM/Paramount remake of the 1974 hit with Bruce Willis playing the reluctant vigilante made famous by Charles Bronson. It becomes the latest effort by Roth to move from his bloody genre-film origins to studio fare...

Roth will direct the script by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski. Joe Carnahan scripted the original. 

There's a lot to unpack here! Eli Roth directing. Bruce Willis still onboard. A new script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. All of this is good news. I mean, say what you will about Eli Roth ("Knock Knock sucked", for instance), but this strikes me as a good pairing, especially considering that he'll be working from a script by Alexander and Karaszewsi. If MGM/Paramount lets these guys run wild, Death Wish could be an appropriately mean-spirited, violent little movie. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

So far, no news on when Death Wish will start filming or how Alexander and Karaszewski's take on the film will differ from Carnahan's, but we're excited to see where this thing takes us. Stay tuned for updates as they arrive.