Get Your FUPA Critiqued By THE FOCUS GROUP

A funny short film about body image issues.

I struggle with my weight. Two years ago I wrote about how I lost a whole bunch of it, but I have failed to write about how I put maybe half of it back on in the last year. Frankly it's embarrassing - I'm very willing to crow when I make progress but it's harder to owning up to backsliding. And gaining the weight back can make you feel very, very bad about yourself. 

In The Focus Group, directed by Heather Fink, comedian and author Sara Benincasa (Agorafabulous, the now-in-paperback DC Trip and the writer of this short) plays a woman named Sara who is dealing with a crushing confluence of things that make her feel bad about herself: she got fired, she can't keep up her food blog, she's single and she's overweight. Her friend Ann recommends a unique solution: getting herself focus grouped. What follows is NSFW, funny, honest and made me, as a fat dude, feel a little better about myself.

The Focus Group (2016) from Sara Benincasa on Vimeo.