Ivan Reitman’s Working On A Brand-New GHOSTBUSTERS Cartoon

It won't look like this.

According to Variety, Sony TV and Ivan Reitman are working on a brand-new Ghostbusters cartoon, to be titled Ghostbusters: Ecto Force

The series will focus on "a whole new generation of Ghostbusters" and take place in the year 2050, presumably to put some distance between the cartoon's mythology and the mythology that will be established in next month's Ghostbusters reboot.

Beyond that key difference in time periods, there's no telling what may separate the 2050 Ghostbusters from the 2016 team. Will the teams have different-colored uniforms? Different hairstyles? Maybe Ecto-1 will be a hovercar? Or maybe - seeing as how Ghostbusters: Ecto Force will take place almost four decades from now - the team will have super futuristic-looking Proton Packs? Racking my brain here, guys, but those are the only potential differences I can imagine.

The current plan is to launch Ghostbusters: Ecto Force in early 2018.