The Canon Episode 82: THEY LIVE

It's an election year episode as Devin and Amy delve into John Carpenter's cult classic!

This week's episode of The Canon is They Live, John Carpenter's 1988 Reagan-era political scifi cult classic that is crazy relevant almost 30 years later. The movie, which finds Rowdy Roddy Piper discovering an alien conspiracy to control humanity, is known for its quotable meathead dialogue, its insanely lengthy fight scene and the subliminal OBEY and CONSUME messages that inspired street artist Shepard Fairey. 

But is it canon? With parallels to the modern corporate political system and with the alleyway sunglass fight a metaphor for the way Bernie Bros engage on the internet, I think it is. Amy might be less sure. You can listen and make up your own mind!

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Next week: Kiki's Delivery Service with guest Film Crit Hulk!