The Final LEGEND OF TARZAN Trailer Reminds Us That This Movie Is Happening Soon


We've known about David Yates' The Legend Of Tarzan for over two years now. We've seen multiple trailers, posters and TV spots for the film. The release date hasn't been changed over and over again. The studio has not been trying to keep this thing a secret.

And yet, no one seems to remember that The Legend Of Tarzan is a summer 2016 movie, here in just a matter of weeks. 

This is the final trailer for The Legend Of Tarzan, which - in case you've already forgotten - arrives July 1st. It's not a bad trailer, per se (there's a few nifty shots in there, some of the action looks well-choreographed, and lord knows that Christoph Waltz' presence is never detrimental to a film) but it is a largely bland trailer. I'm fairly confident that I will have forgotten watching it within minutes of publishing this post.

Then again, maybe that's just me. Maybe you're pumped for The Legend Of Tarzan. Maybe this is your most heavily-anticipated film of the year, and you've been counting down the days ever since it was announced. If so, I'd like to hear from you in the comments below. Mainly I'm just wondering "Why?", but I'd be curious to hear from someone who's legitimately amped for this one. No judgments. 

Oh, and here's your final reminder: The Legend Of Tarzan arrives on July 1st.