Holy Smokes, These New SUICIDE SQUAD Character Posters Are Crazy

Can this movie just come out already, please?

Yesterday we got some wacky new posters for Suicide Squad, and I figured the whole wacky Suicide Squad poster situation was all said and done. But, silly me, I forgot all about character posters! - the cornerstone of all posters designed to remain online and never ever adorn someone’s actual wall:

I mentioned putting posters on your wall because I can actually imagine how crazy it would be to plaster your place with these. If you have enough wall space, that is. Like the ones we saw yesterday, these are basically ugly posters. But the bold pop-art/bad tattoo aesthetic they are going for kind of blows me away at the same time.

Which one is your favorite? Mine is, of course, Jai Courtney.

Suicide Squad comes out August 5, and when it proves to be a huge hit, Warners will scramble to make sure Justice League has a bunch of Juggalos in it.