Here’s That Portishead ABBA Cover We’ve Been Raving About Since Fantastic Fest

First heard in HIGH-RISE, the haunting cover of "SOS" now has a video you can (and will) play over and over.

There are two covers of ABBA's "SOS" in Ben Wheatley's mesmerizing film High-Rise. One is an orchestral jam that's not without appeal. I'm a patient man, and in time I will get my hands on that version. But today we've at long last got the other cover of the song. The cover by Portishead. The cover that sent us out of the theater buzzing about it and jonesing to hear it again and singing it in the karaoke rooms.

It's possible I and the others who were so captivated by it have overhyped the track. It's possible that the magic the song worked on us had a lot to do with how it was used in the film. It's possible this is not even an official video for the song. And it's possible that none of that concerns me at the moment.

Headphones. Loud. Let that drone hit your spine. Repeat. That's today sorted.

EDIT: The internet being what it is, this video came to us without some important context. As we've just learned, Portishead released the video in tribute to murdered British MP Jo Cox today, on what would have been her 42nd birthday. The band includes a quote by Cox at the end of the video to pay tribute to the woman's life, and her efforts on behalf of refugees.