POWER RANGERS Gets Poster As Bryan Cranston Joins Cast

Well, it’s not ugly at least.

There is a new Power Rangers movie coming out, and I think it wants us to take it seriously. You can kind of tell by looking at this just released teaser poster:

It’s almost beautiful. These five kids, plucked from obscurity and forced to band together to save the world from a weirdo named Rita Repulsa. The poster’s aims for the soaring gravitas of something like, say, The Right Stuff. Good for you, Power Rangers. Fake it till you make it.

In addition to that, word came out yesterday that Bryan Cranston was joining the cast as Zordon, the big-ass floating head who gets all the Power Rangers together in the first place:

This is a return to the Power Rangers world for Cranston as he did voice work on the old show:

If nothing else, you gotta love Cranston. I might see this for his floating head alone.