Get Your JAWS Shoes At Drafthouse’s JAWS On The Water This Week!

Watch JAWS while floating and wearing JAWS shoes!

I really feel like I should have been flown out to Texas for this amazing event: the Alamo Drafthouse is doing a whole bunch of screenings of Jaws where you watch while floating on an inner tube on a lake. It's kind of a classic Alamo event, and it's exciting that they've brought it back... even if I'm watching jealously from across the country. 

This time the Jaws On The Water screenings are going to be a big deal. It won't be just the movie; the Drafthouse has created its own Amity Island for a cool beach party. On top of that they're going to have pop up shops from Mondo (selling some really sweet limited edition Jaws posters and enamel pins) and Zappos, who will be selling the new Jaws inspired Sperry shoes. 

I have a pair of these and I can tell you that not only are they comfortable, they're a killer conversation starter. I got the pair that reproduces the poster art (the ones pictured above), but they also have more subtle Jaws shoes if you don't want to show off your incredible geekiness the way I do. And don't worry - you don't have to come to Jaws On the Water to get a pair; you can buy em at Zappos

Buy tickets for Jaws on the Water here, but be aware: the consumer opportunities will dwindle as it gets later in the run. Mondo may very well sell out of their posters and pins. Try to get in early!