And Here’s A Few More Brand-New STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE Photos

ROGUE ONE Week ain't over yet.

As you know, Entertainment Weekly has spent the better part of the week churning out all kinds of stuff about Star Wars: Rogue One. We found out that Forest Whitaker's character is actually a guy we'd met before, on TV's animated Clone Wars series. We got official confirmation that Darth Vader would be appearing in the film. And, of course, we got a big batch of brand-new photos to gawk at. 

But the week ain't over yet, and neither is Entertainment Weekly's Rogue One onslaught, as evidenced by the even newer batch of photos they just dropped. Let's take a look.

The only really interesting thing to note here: that last Trooper, the one in black? That's called a Deathtrooper. The Star Wars universe now has Deathtroopers. Awesome.

Anyway, this has been your daily dose of Star Wars: Rogue One ephemera. You can head on over to Entertainment Weekly to see what else they've got on offer, or you can head down to the comments section below and, I don't know, talk about Star Wars: Rogue One again. It's your life.