STAR TREK 50th Anniversary Celebration Magazine On Sale Now!

Boldly pre-order the next issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. magazine!

It's the issue you know I've been dying to do: the 50th anniversary celebration of Star Trek, timed to the release of Star Trek Beyond. This issue is a loving tribute to 50 years of the original Trek, with articles by your favorite BMD contributors as well as special guests like Jordan Hoffman, host of Engage, the official Star Trek podcast. 

This magazine is aimed at both newbies and longtime Trekkies, and we walk you from the earliest Western influences on Trek through Gene Roddenberry's hopeful vision for the future up to the new crew and beyond to Star Trek: All Access! With loving tributes to Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Majel Barrett and more, this magazine is jammed with great articles and gorgeous original art. Also: a gallery of Mondo's finest Trek posters (some of which I already have hanging on my walls)!

It's all wrapped up in a gorgeous cover by Chris Skinner. On the back cover the original 1966 Enterprise flies into the magazine, and the new Star Trek Beyond Enterprise explodes off the front cover. I absolutely adore this one.

You can pre-order it now; the magazine will ship in July timed to the release of the new movie. Click here to pre-order your magazine. And hey, there are still a couple of copies of the Pixar magazine left as well!