Warner Bros.’ MINECRAFT Movie Arrives In 2019

Yeah, this is still happening.

Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Minecraft movie off the ground since at least 2014, and now it sounds like they're finally pulling the trigger: Minecraft, from director Rob McElhenney, will arrive on May 24th, 2019.

Is this a good idea? Who knows! The Lego Movie seemed like a really dumb idea until we got a look at it, y'know? Then again, The Lego Movie also had the benefit of being a Lord & Miller joint.

I want to say that Rob McElhenney's involvement bodes similarly well, but let's be frank: he just doesn't have Phil Lord and Chris Miller's miraculous track record. I'm also having trouble marrying what I know about McElhenney's skill-set (from his work on the darkly hilarious It's Always Sunny) to this particular property.

Anyway, McElhenney's a talented, funny guy, so even if I don't see the connection, I'm curious to see what this pairing yields. How 'bout you guys?

See you in 2019, Minecraft.