BRIDGET JONES’S BABY Gets Exactly The Trailer You’d Expect

What to expect when you’re expecting a new BRIDGET JONES movie.

Bridget Jones’s Diary came out way back in 2001. People liked it. The film had all kinds of charm and featured one of the greatest wimp-fights of all time. Then the second one came out. I don’t recall anything about that movie.

Now we’re all the way up to 2016, and it is apparently time for another go with your girl. This time she has a bun in the oven and two competing dudes who would like to help raise that bun into a loaf that could feed a whole family. Realism! Here’s the trailer:

Looks like the charm is still there! Instead of Hugh Grant, we have to deal with Patrick Dempsey playing a guy named - and I’m not making this up - Jack Qwant. Seems like her choice between the two dudes should be a cinch right there.

I’m not really the target audience for this, but I know a ton of fine people who adore this series, so I’m hoping for the best in solidarity with that lot. We’ll see what happens when the film comes out this fall. If nothing else, it looks like another wimp-fight is in our future.