INFERNO, Ron Howard’s Visual Powerhouse About Libraries, Will Come Out In IMAX

Get ready for some gigantic research sequences.

I know Dan Brown’s Da Vinci series or whatever it’s called is firmly in the thriller genre. People get killed and chased and there are even explosions. Yet, I cannot help but think of them more as nerdy history buff research movies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If your ideal Neo Indiana Jones is Tom Hanks in a mullet, more power to you.

The point is that I’ve never thought of these as visually scrumptious or large films. And yet, it appears the upcoming third entry in the series, Inferno, will get an IMAX release when it comes out October 28, according to Deadline.

I will admit that the film’s latest trailer did seem a bit more actiony than I expected, but I’m still not convinced this is the kind of movie that begs an IMAX presentation. LieMAX, maybe. At least you know you’ll be able to hear all the whispered praying and thrilling page-turning the movie contains.