Watch The INSIDE AMY SCHUMER Gun Control Sketch That Didn’t Make It On The Air

Cut for time or cut for being too dark? You make the call.

As you know, comedian Amy Schumer has been a vocal proponent of gun control reform for some time, ever since a Louisiana screening of 2015's Trainwreck turned into the site of yet another tragic mass shooting. Schumer's been fearless in her willingness to speak out on this issue, and has happily used her Comedy Central series to amplify that message. 

Last week, in the wake of the Senate failing (yet again) to pass any new gun control measures, Schumer uploaded the following sketch (starring comedy MVP H. Jon Benjamin) via Politico, which was cut from the April 28th episode of her Comedy Central series. Take a look:


The word on the street is that this sketch was deemed "too dark" to air, but having looked into it, I can't seem to confirm that (Politico has Schumer's publicist saying the sketch was cut for time; had it really been considered too controversial, that would probably be something to crow about). Either way, it's an effective, cutting sketch, funny and angry and well worth watching.

It's one of the great tragedies of my lifetime that this sort of sketch would even be necessary, but here we are. Give it a look, and let us know what you think in the comments below.