The New Adaptation Of Stephen King’s IT Is Filming As We Speak

We're all gonna float so hard.

It seems like it's been a while since we had a big-budget Stephen King adaptation to look forward to, doesn't it? Oh, there've been regular adaptations (most recently there was Cell, which you absolutely shouldn't bother with, and before that there was A Good Marriage), but those were...well, let's call them low-key affairs.

What I'm saying is: when was the last time we saw a Stephen King adaptation with deep pockets and the full support of a major studio? Right now, several such projects are in the works (including Sony's forthcoming attempt to launch a Dark Tower franchise), and - as was recently confirmed by director Andy Muschietti's Instagram page - another has just started shooting.


Day one

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The prop master certainly seems to be having fun on set. 


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Look, no one is more bummed than I am that Cary Fukunaga didn't get to make his version of It (mark my words: one day the details surrounding that version will become matters of public record, and at that point you will beg for a Jodorowsky's Dune-style doc about the It that never was), but I have to admit that seeing these images has me excited. How could any Stephen King fan not be excited? 

Some sites have pointed out another Muschietti Instagram post, one that seems to feature a sketch of Pennywise The Clown. It looks like this:


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The speculation, of course, is that this might be a hint towards Pennywise's new design...but I dunno if I'm buying that. It's definitely an evil-looking clown, and - seeing as how the sketch originates with Muschietti - it's reasonable to assume that this is how he's picturing the character. But is this what Pennywise will look like throughout the film? I highly doubt it. As my friend Eric Vespe very accurately stated on Twitter last night, you don't want a Pennywise who always looks insanely evil and terrifying. You want a Pennywise who looks friendly enough that he'd be able to lure a kid into a sewer. Then you reveal his true face.

Anyway, we're keeping a very close eye on this one, so expect many updates in the months ahead. 

Andy Muschietti's It is scheduled to arrive in September of 2017. Are you ready to give it a chance?