Here’s Your First Look At Matthew McConaughey In THE DARK TOWER

"The Man In Black fled across Madison Square Park, but the Gunslinger wasn't on set that day."

As you may or may not have heard, Sony's The Dark Tower is filming in New York City this weekend, and today the production was doing its thing in Madison Square Park. Yup, right out in broad daylight, where anyone with an Instagram account and a cell phone could just happen along and, say, get the first photo of Matthew McConaughey in-character as The Dark Tower's Man In Black.

Like so.


Matthew McConaughey filming "The Dark Tower" at Madison Square Park, NYC #thedarktower

A photo posted by @fmarciuliano on


Well, first of all: holy shit. They've certainly got McConaughey dressed for the part. It's all a little sexier than I might have expected (or maybe that's just McConaughey in general; I suspect we'll never know for sure), and that jet-black dye job McConaughey's rocking is going to take some getting used to, but overall? I dig it.

By the way, if you're a NYC-based Birth.Movies.Death. reader, be aware that The Dark Tower's filming in your neck of the woods all weekend. Interested in going on a field trip for us, maybe snagging a few photos? Here's an itinerary helpfully listing out a number of shooting locations:

Interested? Get out there and take some pics for us! If we get enough quality submissions, we'll put a post together after the weekend, and I'll see to it that you're all properly credited (bring us back something really cool - and really exclusive! - and you might even win a prize). Or just hang around the comments section below, grading McConaughey's wardrobe and wringing your hands about how faithful this adaptation is or isn't going to be. Your call!