How Daniels’ TURN DOWN FOR WHAT Video Almost Ruined A Perfectly Good Wedding

Hump fest!

Tim League recently did a Q&A with Swiss Army Man directors Daniels (aka Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert), and among the many great stories they unveiled, one of the best is this bit about how Daniel Kwan recreated his “Turn Down for What” dance at a family wedding - which led to him humping his own mother and winning the adoration of all the kids there:

If you haven’t seen the “Turn Down for What” video, here it is for reference. That’s Kwan doing all that humping:

That video, by the way, has over 500m views, if you ever wanted to know what clout it takes to make a Daniel Radcliffe farting corpse movie.

In addition to that charming hump anecdote, Daniels also told stories about how John Williams let them use his Jurassic Park theme in Swiss Army Man, and why they decided to use a real bear instead of an animatronic:

If you prefer to watch the entire Q&A, you can do so below: