Jaylah Just Lounges Around In New STAR TREK BEYOND Poster

She knows how to kick back at the end of a hard day.

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I’m surprised we are still getting Star Trek Beyond posters, especially after the recent onslaught of character posters we witnessed. But hey, if they want to keep putting these out, I’m more than happy to share them. That’s doubly true when they’re as odd as this one:

The marketing for this film hasn’t done a very good job selling Sofia Boutella’s Jaylah as much of anything beyond “Alien lady with white face”, and this poster keeps that ambiguity alive. Whoever she is, she sure looks relaxed sitting in that captain’s seat.

The poster itself is cool, and leads me to wonder if it’s the first in another round of character posters for the film. I kind of hope it is because I want to see everyone draped over chairs like this.

Star Trek Beyond comes out July 22.