New MAD MAX Boxed Set Will Include The Black-And-White Version Of FURY ROAD

And FOUR HOURS worth of MAD MAX bonus material!

According to a listing posted to Amazon Germany, George Miller's Mad Max series is getting a brand-new, 6-disc "High Octane" collection (if you're in Germany, you can apparently purchase/pre-order it right now). And get this: it sounds like one of those discs will include George Miller's black-and-white cut of Fury Road

Here's what they're saying about the matter over at Empire Online:

The beady-eyed Blu-ray collectors amongst you may have noticed that a pre-order link for the 6-disc ‘High Octane Collection’ is now available on Amazon Germany, including all four Mad Max films and a ‘Black and Chrome’ version.

According to Amazon, the ‘surreal black-and-white version of Fury Road’ (which apparently has the same 120 minute running time as its theatrical counterpart) will appear alongside some previously unreleased documentaries and four hours of ‘new bonus material’.

Four hours' worth of bonus Mad Max material. Unreleased documentaries. George Miller's long-rumored black-and-white cut of Fury Road. What a lovely day, indeed.

You'll recall that George Miller confirmed the existence of a black-and-white cut of Fury Road earlier this year. At the time, he said that the B&W cut would find its way onto a new Blu-ray release that would include a commentary and other special features. Presumably, this "High Octane" collection is what he was referring to. 

When can American get its hands on one? No word as of yet, but my guess is we'll know sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.