THE MAN FROM NOWHERE Is Getting An English Remake

Pretty classic action story to be done yet again.

Lee Jeong-beom’s The Man From Nowhere is a great bit of action cinema that everyone should see. It follows a former badass who has to get all violent again to save his only pal, an innocent little girl, from villains.

As you can probably tell, The Man From Nowhere isn’t great because of the plot, necessarily, but because it’s extremely well made. The actual plot is something we’ve seen a bunch of times before. And now we’re going to see it again.

According to Deadline, New Line is planning an English remake of the film. While I suppose the new version will rely on details from the Korean version to make it recognizable as a remake, I also assume it can be its own, cool thing so long as it nails the story template with good filmmaking, as the original did. I also don’t think that many people have even seen the Korean version.

In any case, I consider this good news. No one is really attached to the film yet, so the project is currently an innocent waif still waiting to be kidnapped by villains and then hopefully rescued by some badass.